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White-Otter Fish & Game Club
June 2017 Minutes


Minutes for Annual Meeting on June 2, 2017

Present:  President Jack Adams, VP Dan Gilmore, Secretary Alan Woodruff, Treasurer

       Lou Azzarito, Director Bob Scheehl, Nominations Chair Tom Abrial and members

       Bud Altrock, Bob Hoffman, Verden Isley, Chris Komorek, George Meringoa and Gary Nitte.

       The annual meeting of the White Otter Fish & Game Club, Inc. was called to order by

President Jack Adams.  The minutes for the meeting on May 1 in 2016 were read and approved.  Treasurer Lou related recent financial activity. 


        It was reported that the Erlandson brothers started work on the clubhouse exterior

today and will be back as their schedule allows.

        President Adams will check with the man who does our mowing about cutting the grass

on the field.

       Dan Gilmore reported that a hunter safety gun class will be held here on Augusts 19.


       It was decided that anyone who can make it would be at the hall at 5 p.m. on July 3

and pickup of trash would precede the regular meeting at 7:30.

       Alan Woodruff stated that he would again be overseeing a fishing program at Camp

Nazareth for 3-4 weeks this summer for 300+ campers, many of whom come from the

inner city.  He requested a donation of $100 to help with expenses for fishing and $100

additional to cover incidental purchases if a proposed nature trail becomes a reality.

Bob Hoffman moved that this request be approved; it was seconded by Tom Abrial and


       The possibility of using inmate labor was mentioned.  Jack will pursue this and ask for

a painting crew.

       Nominating chair Tom Abrial gave his report and recommended that the current

officers and directors be reelected to serve  again for the coming year.  One ballot was

cast for the slate.

       An announcement was made that the Boonville Rod & Gun Club has a trap shooting

activity every other Wednesday evening.

       The meeting was adjourned at 8:10.  Respectfully submitted,

Alan Woodruff, Secretary



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