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White Otter Fish & Game Club, Inc.Minutes for Regular Meeting on May 3, 2010(Tentative pending approval at the next meeting)      Meeting called to order by the president at 7:43.  The fourofficers were present along with director Dan Gilmore and two members.       The secretary’s minutes for April 5 were read and approved.(Gilmore, Isley)     Treasurer Lou reported receipts and expenditures for the pastseveral weeks.  At present, we have $3867.35 in checking and $4426.55 in savings.  Together with our three CDs, this gives a totalof $37,198.57.  It is noted that these figures do not reflect some fundsturned in and checks written tonight.  Lou noted that our CDs allmature this summer and he was authorized to renew them at the bestrate he is able to find. (Scheehl, Gilmore)  Treasurer’s reportaccepted. (Isley, Gilmore)     It was reported that Rifenburg Construction has been awarded thecontract for the Route 28 construction project.  Much fill is anticipatedto become available and company representatives have been shown ourrange and low spots on the property as potential disposal locations.  New fill at the range will allow the berms to be enlarged.     Storage of items previously in the farmhouse was discussed and prices will be solicited for a 20 X 30 foot shed.     Alan Woodruff inquired as to the possibility of obtaining some clubhats and was authorized to look into sources and costs.  NortheastApparel and Sew and Sew of Boonville were mentioned as two potentialsuppliers.     The annual meeting of the club will be on Friday, June 4, starting at7:30.       The meeting was adjourned at 8:14.  Respectfully submitted,  Alan Woodruff, secretary

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White-Otter Fish & Game Club


White-Otter Fish & Game Club

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 Club Meetings have resumed and COVID-19 protocol is being followed.


The November 1st and December 7 Meetings at 7:30 pm are still planned.


Unfortunately, due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in NYS the CLUB has cancelled the Harvest Supper for 2021.




Harvest Supper for 2021 Cancelled.









Kids to Camp is a campership program funded by the annual muzzleloading raffe to send kids to the NYS DEC summer camp (  The Club normally sends 4 campers per year.  The Club must know of a child's interest (let the Club president or vice-president know anytime from May through December, or better yet attend a meeting) and have a firm commitment that they will attend by the end of the calendar year immediately before they year they plan on attending DEC Camp.  If the Club sponsors a camper that does not go to camp the Club is out the sponsorship monies.  Camp registrations normally take place in mid-January and the camps fill up quickly.  Please review the DEC Summer Camp website before approaching the Club regarding a sponsorship.










  See link to DEC website below.




More information is available at NYS DEC website (see below).




Sportsmen Safety Education and Bow Safety Education Courses


Then click on Hunting, then click on Sportsmen Education




Important Notice Regarding the Rifle Range

Two shooting shelters are now on the range.
Please do not move shooting benches.
Place your targets at the desired distance from the shooting shelter.
East shooting shelter has a maximum distance of 100 yards.
West shooting shelter has a maximum distance of 150 yards. 
Move targets not the shooting benches.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation