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White-Otter Fish & Game Club
August 2017 Minutes


Minutes for August 7, 2017

(Draft, subject to approval at the September  4 meeting)

The White Otter meeting on August 7 was called to order at 7:30 by President Jack Adams.  Present

were the president, VP Dan Gilmore, secretary Alan Woodruff, treasurer Lou Azzarito, directors Karen Marshalland Robert Scheehl, as well as members Robert Gape, Bill Seibert, Mike Smith, Mike Crisafulli, Ray Hotalingand Fred Walters.       Treasurer Lou described financial activity during the past month and gave the current balance in ouraccounts.  The report was accepted.       Alan Woodruff reported that, according to his records, we currently have 567 paid up members for2017-18.  He thanked the club for covering the cost of printing 280 copies of an achievement  certificatefor the fishing program he directed at Camp Nazareth this summer.   183 of them were presentedto campers during the three week season and 14 more to young people from the Central Associationfor the Blind and Visually Impaired during their encampment.  More will be presented to a group ofteenagers who will be spending several days at the camp during the next week.  A copy of the certificateis attached to these minutes and copies of the 2016 and 2017 certificates will be framed and hung onthe meeting room wall.     Dan Gilmore announced that a sportsmen's gun course will be held at the club on August 19.Member Dave Roberts, a hunter safety instructor, will help at this event.        Mike Crisafulli was thanked for his efforts delivering White Otter trash to the recent Town of Forestportcollection.     Due to target uprights being destroyed by shooting at the range, we are going to experiment with theuse of wire holders from political signs.  Member Bob Seager is donating several of them from his pastcampaigns.     The upcoming harvest supper on November 4 was discussed.  This year's menu will feature roast beef.Karen Marshall volunteered to prepare the cole slaw.  Tickets for this year's gun raffle have been distributed.     The next meeting will be at 7:30 on September 4, Labor Day.A Woodgate girl we sponsored to the DEC Environmental Camp at Lake Colby will be present at our October2 meeting to thank us and describe her week.     The meeting was adjourned at 8:08.  Respectfully submitted,                                                    Alan Woodruff, Secretary


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